ServicesASME Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and API Storage Tank Design and ManufactureCustom Equipment / Machine
Metal Fabrication and
Structural Steel Fabrication
Portable Emergency
ProjectsDesign and Fabrication of a
Stainless Steel Heat
Exchanger for the Chemical
Fabrication of a Stainless
Steel Storage Tank for the
Chemical Industry
Design and Fabrication of an
Inconel and Stainless Steel
Pressure Vessel for the
Power Generation Industry
Fabrication of an Inconel
Retort Assembly for the
Nuclear Industry
Machining of Cast Stainless
Steel Orbit Twist Out for the
Pulp and Paper Industry

About Orbit Industries, LLC.

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Winch Assembly with Test Stand for Nuclear Industry
Winch Assembly with Test Stand for Nuclear Industry

Orbit Industries, LLC. has been in business since 1961.  Our expertize includes a wide range of Metal Fabrication.  We specialize in turnkey projects from custom machinery and prototypes, ASME Section VIII Div. 1 pressure vessels and heat exchangers, piping projects, tanks to API 650 and 620 standards and Structural Steel.

We have quality control programs to ASME Section VIII Div. 1, ASME NQA-1and API 650/620 standards.  Orbit Industries, LLC can provide all types of NDE, Hydro and Pneumatic testing, with documentation from our Quality Control department.


Our engineering department can design and provide CAD drawings on any type of project.  We can work to your specifications and will provide any value added engineering or cost saving ideas to ensure all our customers receive the most for their dollar.



Our highly trained and versatile technicians have completed projects that include integration of hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical to UL and or CA standards into our many completed turnkey projects.


We can meet any requirement to fulfill your needs.  We would like to be included on your bidders list for any projects that may arise.  Customer reference list and shop equipment list available upon request.  Please contact our sales staff for more information.