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Design and Fabrication of an Inconel and Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel for the Power Generation Industry

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ASME SS Conveyor Tank
ASME SS Conveyor Tank

A client in the power generation industry commissioned Orbit Industries, LLC. to custom design and fabricate an Inconel and stainless steel pressure vessel. Our team of designers worked closely with the customer on this multi-faceted process. The shell was designed per ASME section VIII Div. 1, as well as seismic considerations. Our team then designed the layout configuration of the end piping with connections to match the customer's exiting mating surfaces. We also generated all of the 2D CAD fabrication drawings for the project.

Once the design was approved, our skilled craftsmen performed a series of procedures during the fabrication of this pressure vessel, from plasma cutting and machining, to welding and inspection,Due to the high temperature application of this project (400F to 1400F) T-304L stainless steel and Inconel 800H where required. The completed pressure vessel was 18' long, 60" wide, with tolerances of ±.002" on the machined parts, and ±1/16" on the fabricated parts. Prior to shipping the product, we performed a full series of testing, including radiographic and liquid penetrant inspections.

Once all quality requirements were verified by the customer's quality inspectors, we specially crated the vessel, and delivered it to our client's site in Colorado. To learn more about this project, or for more information on our other products and services, please contact Orbit Industries.

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Conveyor Tank End Pipe Detail
Conveyor Tank End Pipe Detail
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Conveyor Tank ID
Conveyor Tank ID
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Conveyor Tank - Inside
Conveyor Tank - Inside
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Conveyor Tank - On Stand
Conveyor Tank - On Stand


Design and Fabrication of an Inconel and Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel Project Highlights

Product Description This custom designed Pressure Vessel is used within a power generation application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Designed Shell Material Thickness Per ASME Section VIII Div. 1
  • Designed Internal End Shaft Seals for the Driveshaft, Drive Sprocket w/ Support Stand
  • Seismic Calculations for All Stands
  • Designed Layout Configuration of the end Piping w/ Piping Connections to Match Customer Mating Connections
  • Generate 2D CAD Drawings
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Machining
  • Shearing
  • Plate Rolling
  • Press Brake Forming
  • Oxy-Acetylene Cutting
  • Drilling & Reaming
  • Welding
  • Interior Paddle Conveyor Assembly

  • Wood Covers w/ Shrink Wrap Over Open Flanges
Overall Part Dimensions
Material Thickness: .375"
Length: 18'-0"
Width: 60"
Temperature Range: From 400F on T304L to 1400F on Inconel 800H
Tightest Tolerances Machined Parts: ±.002"
Fabricated Parts: ±1/16"
Material Used T-304L Stainless Steel
Inconel 800H
Material Finish Hot Rolled Mill Finish
Features Dual Material Fabrication
In process testing performed
Radiographic Inspection of Welds
Liquid Penetrant Inspection of Welds
Hydro Testing
Visual Weld Inspection by Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) Per AWS D1.1 for Structural Welds
Run Test of Internal Conveyor System
Industry for Use Power Generation
Turn Around Time 12 Weeks
Delivery Location Colorado
Standards Met
Customer Supplied Concept Drawings
Design per ASME Section VIII Div.1
Product Name ASME Section VIII Div 1 Pressure Vessel (Feeder Vessel)

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