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Pickling and Passivation Services

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Pickling and Passivation
Pickling and Passivation

One of the high quality specialty services we provide at Orbit Industries, LLC. is pickling and passivation. Typically service requires a mere 24 hour lead time. Perfect for anything from simple hand railings to the full insides of tanks and vessels, our 10,000--lb. dip tank capacity and 20,000--lb. spray application capacity will remove oxidation contamination from fabricated stainless steel and exotic material (Inconel and Hastelloy) surfaces. Our ASTM A380/A967 industry standard technologies will leave your items without a hint of rust, enabling it to resist any further corrosive processes. We follow up on these processes with optional extensive nitrogen drying and UV inspection, thereby ensuring your welded assemblies are clean for their intended service. For more information, please contact Orbit Industries, LLC today or refer to the table below.


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Passivated Tank
Passivated Tank
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Bagged Elbows
Bagged Elbows
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Bellows with Header
Bellows with Header
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Flanges Passivated
Flanges Passivated



Pickling and Passivation Capabilities

Intended Application
Hand Railing
Raw Stainless Steel Casting
Welded Assemblies
Type of Finishing Service Pickling and Passivation
Material Stainless Steel
Benefits Enhances Corrosion Resistance

Enhances Finish Appearance

Application Dip Tank
Spray Mist
Post Process
Nitrogen Dried
UV Inspected
Length Up to 21 ft 5 in
Width Up to 59 in
Depth Up to 54 in
Weight Up to 10,000 lbs (dip tank)
Up to 20,000 lbs (spray application)
Industry Standards ASTM A-380
ASTM A-967
Industry Focus
High Tech
Silicon Wafer
Pulp and Paper
Oil and Gas
Production Volume Up to 10,000 pounds per 24 hour period
Depending on size and shape
Typical Lead Times 24 hours to 3 days

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