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ORBIT Twist-Outs

Universal Clean-Out Assembly

Patent: 4339054
Hand Operated, No Tools Needed for Opening and Closing

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4" and 6" inch Twist-outs
4" and 6" inch Twist-outs
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4" Twist-out welded on pipe
4" Twist-out welded on pipe
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6" Twist-out on straight pipe
6" Twist-out on straight pipe


All "Twist-Outs" are furnished in cast stainless steel CF-3M 316L ACI. 4" and 6" diameter openings available - coped to fit all size piping, tubes or tanks. Recommended for Maximum Working Pressure of 150# p.s.i. Available for vacuum service.

The Orbit "Twist-Out" is designed to make inspection and clean out of piping or tanks simple and quick. The Orbit "Twist-Out" eliminates the need for a pipe fitter to open a piping line or take off a flange for cleaning. The machine operator can simply open the piping line or tank without tools by twisting the "Twist-Out" handle and pulling out the inspection plug. The plug is fitted with an o-ring to allow for repeated access without replacing gaskets or seals.

Furnished from stock in 4" & 6" diameter sizes. "Twist-Outs" are supplied in standard pipe sizes or custom machined to meet your specific applications. The "Twist-Out" plug is designed to provide a smooth flow when installed in pipe lines.

Inlet spool on large pipe line at a paper mill, showing installation of an Orbit "Twist-Out" - 4" size. This enables the operator to inspect and clean this trouble spot on short notice without special tools.


ORBIT Twist-Out T-316L ORBIT "Twist-Out"

4" Twist-Out
A = 3.635
B = 3.700
C = 4.125
D = 7.0
T = 0.25

6" Twist-Out
A = 5.985
B = 6.050
C = 6.500
D = 9.5
T = 0.5

(A)Removable Clean-Out Plug
(B)Barrel Assembly (ID)
(C)Barrel Assembly (OD)
(D)Plug Twist-Out & Pressure Retaining Handle
(E)Locking Ears
(F)Butabiene - Azryclonitrile O-ring
(R)Radius of Saddle on Stock Twist-Outs
Matches ID of Standard Pipe & Tube 4" Through 24" and Flat for Tanks or Specialty Items.
Cast Stainless Steel CF-3M 316L ACI Designed for 150 PSI at Ambient Temperature O-ring Heat Limits - Recommend Not To Exceed 270° F.

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